Sunday, September 2, 2012

Buraq Welfare Trust Technical Education Program for Poor students and Needy families

Buraq Welfare Trust Technical Education Center start following courses for very poor families and needy women's.

1- Computer Professional Course (Computer software and Hardware based).
2- Handiwork (Dastkari) Course for females (Stitching/sewing, Cutting, Basic Designing)

The Admission open for new batch and last date of application submission is 16th September 2012. Download the form now.

Eid and Ramazan Rashan Program for very poor families.

Buraq Welfare Trust Rashan Program for very poor and needy families, The Buraq Welfare Trust successfully complete the 2012 Eid ul Fitr Rashan Program. In this program BWT support forty one (41) families.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Your Donation Make Good and Needy People/Nation in Pakistan.

Learn Quran Online and Prayer for the BURAQ Welfare Team - Download Quran In PDF

The Holy Quran (Koran) is the eternal and literal word of GOD. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) received these divine revelations over a period of 23 years in the seventh century of the Common Era. Each revelation was written down by the Prophet's scribes according to the Prophet's instructions. The current order and organization into the 114 chapters (surahs) of the entire revelations were therefore given to us by the Prophet himself. Additionally, the Prophet and many fellow Muslims (sahabah) had committed the entireQuran to memory. The practice of memorizing the whole Quran continued throughout the centuries. There are thousands of such Muslims who learn quran, known as Hafiz, usually one for each Mosque in Muslim countries.

  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 1
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 2
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 3
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 4
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 5
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 6
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 7
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 8
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 9
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 10
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 11
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 12
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 13
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 14
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 15
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 16
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 17
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 18
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 19
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 20
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 21
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 22
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 23
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 24
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 25
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 26
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 27
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 28
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 29
  Holy Quran Chapter/Juz 30

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stop Killing the Muslim Children and Women in Burma

Burma has a citizenry 75 actor with the Muslim citizenry getting just 0.7 million. The Burmese Muslims accept been beneath this adversity afterwards 1962 if the Army usurped the ability in Burma. It all started on 3rd June 2012 if 11 innocent Muslims were dead by the Burmese Army and the Buddhist mobs afterwards bringing them down from a bus.

A angry beef was agitated out in the Muslim majority arena of Arakan, but the Protestants fell victims to the absolutism of the mobs and the army.

Trying to baffle abduction and an approaching killing; Burmese Muslims awash to the Bangladeshi border, but all they met was dismay. The Government of Bangladesh banned to action them asylum.

Over 500 Muslim villages accept been incinerated hither-to. Thousands accept been exterminated. The animality of the Burmese Muslims at the easily of the Buddhist mobs is at its abounding swing. Yet all the animal rights organizations accept maintained a bent blackout up till now. Has the Muslim apple become so apathetic that they abide audacious by such genocide?

This is not a new affair or an aberrant massacre. Muslims accept been a accountable to such abhorrence even before. If we go through the annals of history we appear to the actual arguable cessation that Muslims were consistently on the adversity side. Islam is a adoration of accord and harmony. It doesn’t acquiesce its followers to lay-waste any added tenet. This leaves abaft a big catechism mark. Why are the followers
of such a peaceful adoration getting afflicted from time to time?

The abhorrence stricken faces of the poor Burmese Muslims absolutely cuts one apart. The glimpse of their aching bodies is a affection rending spectacle. Where is the UN now? Why isn’t the All-embracing media highlighting this issue? Why are the aggressive authorities of the Muslim apple procrastinating?

Stop killing the Burmese Muslims. JI did a admirable job by staging rallies adjoin this brutality. The government of Pakistan should raise a articulation in favor of the poor Burmese Muslims at the all-embracing forum. The accomplished Muslim apple should accompany easily to get the poor Burmese out of their ache and misery.

In lieu of ablution into a abuse adjoin the killings, something should be done on the ground. If we don’t advice out our brothers there again we are appropriately amenable for their bloodshed. We won’t be able to amuse our conscience, and the annoying cries of the Burmese Muslims will accumulate on avidity us throughout our lives.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

How to children have good health and habits?

Health Tips for Children and School Time Habits

School age is the absolute time for accouchement to apprentice about advantageous food, bodies and activity. This is the time they alpha a alive amusing life, accept abridged money and activate to advice accept their own lifestyle. Accouchement of this age apprentice bound and are aswell afflicted by their accompany and accepted trends.

Children charge a advanced array of foods for a composed diet. The bulk of concrete action they accept in a day will be an important allotment of how abundant they charge to eat. If accouchement are alive and active, snacking is important to accumulate action levels high. A advantageous morning bite at alcove and one afterwards academy are usually bare anniversary day.

Breakfast is important
It is important to animate breakfast. A acceptable night’s beddy-bye followed by aliment in the morning helps your adolescent to break alive and apply at school. It aswell agency your adolescent is beneath acceptable to be too athirst during the morning and it can advice with achievement at school. Be a role archetypal and let your adolescent see you eat breakfast too. A basin of atom with milk and beginning or broiled bake-apple is a abundant amateur for the accomplished family.

School lunches
Many schools accept a canteen that offers a ambit of aliment choices. Most schools chase government guidelines to animate advantageous aliment choices. The aliment your adolescent chooses ability be top in bulk and energy, but low in nutrients sometimes. An another is a arranged cafeteria from home, which is a abundant way for your adolescent to apprentice about advantageous aliment and to advice with preparation.

Lunch box suggestions include:
Sandwiches or pita aliment with cheese, angular meat, hummus and salad
Cheese slices, absurd with spread, and beginning or broiled fruits
Washed and cut up raw vegetables or beginning fruits
Frozen baptize canteen or tetra backpack of milk, decidedly in hot weather.

School lunches – foods to limit
Highly processed, sugary, blubbery and acrid foods should alone accomplish up a actual baby allotment of your child’s diet. Foods to absolute in accustomed academy lunches include:
Candy meats such as salami, ham, apprenticed craven and Strasbourg
Chips, candied biscuits, and muesli confined and breakfast bars
Bake-apple confined and bake-apple straps
Cordials, juices and bendable drinks.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

BWT Laptop Scheme July 2012


Only 1600/- Per Month pay and Win a Shining Laptop by Luck Draw Every Month

Buraq Welfare Trust (BWT) offered BRAND NEW Fujitsu Laptops for Students, Employee and Businessman also.

Plan of scheme: 
1-  The monthly Laptop (Core i3 Fujitsu) lucky draw will be held on 15th of every month. 
2- The remaining amount will be waived off by BWT for the winner. 
3- Every member must pay the monthly installment before 10th of every month. Monthly Installments rate is Rs 1600/-
4- The total installments are 36. After 36 installments the reaming persons can received the laptop by BWT.

Limited Number of Application are Available

Free application form available here: Download 

More information and Detail  Contact
0333-3444381, 0321-3502829